Why Exotic Fruit?

Understanding Exotic Fruit

Some of you may be from tropical regions or even visit there frequently - in either case, you'll know that there many types of fruit in existence which many people simply haven't seen or heard of, let alone taste them.  In fact there over 3000 specie of fruit in which the western world consume only 5-10%.  The main reasons for such limited exposure are because of Climatic reasons & Logistical reasons - Large Supermarket Chains only able to prioritise a selection of fruits to import based on cost, availability & practicality.  As a result our idea of food; fruit especially has been socially conditioned into us.  At RareExotics, as much as we wish we could sell every fruit in existence, we know we can't.  What we can do are twofold: 1) Provide as much of this exotic fruit (The rarer varieties not usually sold in supermarkets) & 2) Open the minds of all who cross our path and inspire all to travel the world to experience these beautiful foods of nature.

Tropical vs Temperate Fruit

Incase you haven't noticed, fruits grown further from the equator are less sweet than tropical fruit and a lot of this is due to the lack in sunshine.  It is the Sunshine that is used to produce carbohydrates, more commonly known as its Sugar.  These Carbohydrates could be views as condensed light energy therefore meaning that the more sunlight there is, the easier it is for the fruit to produce sweet fruit - loaded with minerals, vitamins and healthy sugars.  Temperate fruits - which grow further from the equator such as pears, apples and cherries are usually less nutritious and calorie dense than their tropical counterparts.  We can experiment this ourselves by just using our senses of Touch, Taste, Satiety and Visual cues.  Tropical fruits are usually, sweeter, denser in calories, creamier, less acidic and very appealing to our sense of smell and sight in the form of the brighter diverse color patterns.