About Us


Understanding Exotic Fruit

Globally, there many types of fruit in existence which many people simply haven't seen or heard of, let alone taste.  In fact there over 3000 specie of fruit in which the western world consume only 5-10%.  The main reasons for such limited exposure are because of Climatic & Logistical reasons - Large Supermarket Chains only able to prioritise a selection of fruits to import based on cost, availability & practicality.  As a result, only limited varieties of fruit have been imported thus socially conditioned into us. 
At RareExotics, as much as we wish we could sell every fruit in existence but know we can't.  Instead, we aim to provide as much of the rarer varieties not usually sold in supermarkets and open the minds of all who cross our path and inspire all to travel the world to experience these wonderful exotic fruits.


Fruit Selection

Our main priority is to provide you with a wide variety of hard to find exotic fruit, that will dazzle your taste buds with new flavors and have you hooked.  We do this by working closely with our suppliers from all over the globe to bring you tasty, rare fruits.  We Import fruit from all over the world including South America, Caribbean Africa & South-East Asia and we strive constantly to acquire new suppliers and building greater networks in order to bring you the best fruit from around the world. 


Health Benefits

As well as a refreshing juicy snack, many of the fruit sold on our site are powerhouses when it comes to minerals & vitamins and can really do a lot to help prevent & combat disease.  
With regular fruit intake and an improved diet, the body can combat the effects of inflammation and leave you feeling great.  Moreover, these fruits can replace biscuits, sweets or snacks pretty easily due to their rich, sweet and unique flavors alongside their mineral goodness.


Fruit Freshness & Quality Guarantee

We take the quality of our produce very seriously in order for you guys to enjoy these fruits to the fullest.  At RareExotics we go the extra mile to ensure that your experience of these fruits are positive and life changing, creating a fruit addict for life.  We aim to do achieve this by maintaining diverse supplier networks and stringent inspection of all fruits upon delivery from suppliers and also before customer dispatch.  We also continuously assess our fruit to ensure that our customers receive the tastiest and best quality fruit.