• Sweet Santol (Wild Mangosteen)

    Sweet Santol (Wild Mangosteen)

    Santol fruits are round and around  25% bigger than a tennis ball. The skin is leathery, somewhat fuzzy, and wrinkled, ripening from green to golden yellow, and is sometimes covered in a red blush.   Santol fruits also have a translucent to white pulp that encases 3 to 5 inedible seeds. The pulp has a cotton-like consistency and is juicy, slippery, and soft. Santol fruits range in flavor from sour to very sweet, depending on maturity and variety. The sweetest Santol fruits have a candy-like taste with mild peach and apple notes, while in the sour varieties, a strong umami aftertaste may lin...

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  • Tamarillo


    The inside of a Tamarillo is unique and vibrant.  Tamarillo tastes sweet and tangy, and the flesh is juicy, deep in color and filled with small, flat and circular edible seeds that are slightly larger than tomato seeds. Provides a good source of Vitamin A, C & E, Potassium, Iron, Copper & B-Vitamins. Origin: Colombia, Peru, Ecuador.

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  • Tamarind


    The reddish brown, curved seed pods of the Tamarind tree hold several large seeds surrounded by the moist, sticky, dark brown flesh that is sweet when ripe.  Our Tamarind come pre packed and ripened providing a beautiful and aromatic sweet taste. Provides a good source of Magnesium, Potassium, Iron & Calcium.   Source: Thailand. 

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