• June Plum (Golden Apple)

    June Plum (Golden Apple)

    June Plums are are small round fruit roughly the size and shape of an egg.  Texture wise, they are slightly crunchy and can be compared to that of a Pear. While green & unripe they will posses slightly more sour tones.  Upon ripening and turning yellow they produce very sweet tones throughout similar to a mix of Soursop, Pineapple & Mango. Origin: Jamaica, St.Lucia

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  • key lime

    Key Lime (Seeded)

    Key Limes are probably the most sought after type of Lime, and regarded as a superior alternative to the Persian Lime. Key Lime when compared to Persian Lime are far more aromatic, tarter, contain greater floral juice, slightly yellow in color and contain more seeds.  The zest is powerful and can be used to add flavor to a variety of dishes.  They are also smaller in size and have a thinner skin than their Persian counterpart. Origin: St.Lucia, Egypt

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  • Kiwano

    Kiwano (Horned Melon)

    Kiwano has a slimy green interior which is a cross between cucumber, zucchini, and melon in flavor.  When very ripe, the sweetness of banana is slightly present. Provides a good source of Magnesium, Iron, Phosphorus, Vitamin C & Zinc. Origin: Spain, France, Belgium, Holland.

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  • Golden Kiwi

    Kiwi (Golden)

    Golden kiwi unlike the more common green kiwi have a golden colored flesh.  The skin is also smooth & hairless unlike green kiwis which are hairy.  Taste wise, these kiwis are sweeter than green kiwis too due to their high fructose content. Provides a good source of Potassium, Vitamin C & Folate. Origin: Italy, Spain, New Zealand.  

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  • red kiwi fresh

    Kiwi (Red)

    Red kiwi are a beautiful sub variety with similarities to the golden kiwi. This variety is hairless and smooth, similar to the golden type.  The flesh is also very smooth, and golden in colour with streaks of red patterns extended from the centre of the flesh. Taste wise, they are smoother and sweeter than regular green kiwi, just like the gold.  The unique characteristic with this type is the red pattern accompanied with a subtle berry flavour too. Source: China, Thailand

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  • Kiwi Berry

    Kiwi Berry

    Kiwi berries are approximately the size of a grape and similarly to the Golden Kiwi, this has a smooth hairless skin which is also edible.  When ripe, it develops red colored patches with a sweet and aromatic taste. Provides a good source of Vitamin A, Vitamin C & Calcium. Origin: Chile, New Zealand.

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  • Kumquat


    A small citrus fruit about an inch long where the whole fruit is actually edible.  In fact the peel is where the true citrus sweetness is found.  The flesh on the other hand makes for a strong and juicy tart contrast.  The peel & flesh in combination provides a sweet tart mouthful. Provides a good source of Vitamin A, Vitamin C, & Manganese. Origin: Belgium, Spain, France, Holland.

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  • long kong, langsat, lanzones

    Long Kong (Langsat / Lanzones)

    Long Kong is a fruit originating from south-east Asia resembling a small potato.  Beneath this thin brown skin will be white jelly like flesh similar in appearance to Lychee or Longan.  The flesh is made up in sections comprising of seeds which are chewed or spat out depending on preference. Taste wise, Langsat has an array of mainly sweet flavors with citrus undertones.   Provides a good source of Calcium & B-Vitamins. Origin: Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand.

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  • Longan


    Closely related to the Lychee & Rambutan.  Within the brown skin will be sweet, clear flesh with a grape like texture.  The seed in the middle should be discarded. Longan is best enjoyed when chilled too. Provides a good source of Vitamin C, B-Vitamins, Copper & Potassium. Origin: Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand.

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  • lucuma


    Lucuma has a sweet and creamy texture, comparable to a boiled egg yolk.  Known for its sweet and slightly citrus flavors comparable to a blend of sweet potato, butterscotch & syrup. Provides a good source of Protein & it also contains,  Zinc, Potassium, Calcium, Magnesium and Iron & B-Vitamins. Origin: Chile, Peru, Brazil.

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  • Lulo (Naranjilla)

    Lulo (Naranjilla)

    Lulo Fruit, also known as Naranjila are a small, round, bright orange fruit closely related to the Tamarillo and Tomato fruits.  The thick skin also comprises of green patches when unripe. The flesh is comprised of a green jelly like flesh, embedded with small pale yellow seeds similar to a Kiwano. Lulo Flavor is mainly citrusy, with sweet undertones similar to Kiwi, Physalis and Pineapple. Origin Colombia

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  • Lychees Lychee


    Lychee has a sweet and aromatic taste, as well as a unique fragrance.  Sweet tones are present throughout and commonly characterised with grape, rose, pear and watermelon notes.  Lychee is best enjoyed when chilled too. Provides a good source of Vitamin C, Copper & Phosphorus. Origin: Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand.

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  • Mamey Sapote

    Mamey Sapote

    Mamey Sapote are large brown skinned fruit approximately the size of Coconut with a brown/golden skin. The flesh of the fruit within the the skin will take on a distinct salmon color.  Taste wise, Mamey Sapote has blend of tones including Sweet Potato, Apricot, Pumpkin and Banana. When ripe it is beautifully sweet, it will be soft and also slightly indent when pressed.  The texture of the flesh will be soft and succulent with a melting quality to it. Our Mamey Sapote weigh approximately 700g, suitable for a few servings. Origin: Colombia

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  • alphonso mango

    Mango (Alphonso)

    The color is a mix of light yellow and green and at times a tinge of red with the yellow becoming more pronounced as the fruit ripens.  The flesh not very fibrous and fairly smooth.  This is followed by a spicy, sweet and unique mango flavor. Provides a good source of Potassium, Magnesium, Vitamin A, C, & B6. Origin: India, Brazil, Ecuador.

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  • Mango (Badami)

    Mango (Badami)

    Badami Mango are much larger than their Alphonso counterparts and a very sought after South Asian variety.  They possess a pleasant and unique aroma and a thin yellow skin. The flesh is very sweet and unique in taste, it is also smooth with very little fibres. Origin: India

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  • fozli mango

    Mango (Fozli)

    Our Egyptian Fozli Mango have a very sweet and smooth and buttery texture with a standout unique taste.  Appearance wise, they are large and dark green all over.  Upon ripening they become slightly lighter in shade but remain darkish green all over. Origin: Egypt  

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